Oilcard Jsc

DKV Euroservice

The company Oilcard Jsc was founded in May 1991 as a representative of DKV Euroservice for Bulgaria. Until 1998, its main activity is the maintenance of gas stations and service shops that accept DKV cards on the territory of Bulgaria. Since 1998, it has begun to offer DKV cards also to Bulgarian transport companies traveling abroad. Currently, DKV cards are accepted in Bulgaria in more than 750 petrol stations, including petrol stations of Eko-Elda, Petrol, Synergon Petroleum Rompetrol, etc., in corporate workshops of Mercedes, Man, Iveco and Bulgarian Trans Service, and for 24-hour roadside assistance, and it practically covers the territory of the entire country. In Europe, the DKV card is accepted more than 40,000 petrol stations and in more than 10,000 service shops. With the card you can pay all road (highways and tunnel) fees in Europe, as well as receive an invoice with a net value (reimbursed VAT).

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