Zeron V/4 has an integrated CRM system working as a whole with the ERP functions

an effective CRM system

Zeron V/4 has an integrated CRM system together with the ERP functions. Thus you can facilitate and coordinate all activities undertaken when dealing with clients, the ultimate objective being to increase the success of sales and improvement of the post-sales customer service. They manage the processes of communication with clients (phone conversations, email, meetings, letters, faxes, etc.). They also manage and coordinate the activities of the separate dealers so that they work better in a team on specific projects. Attachment of all external files of contracts, offers, protocols, etc. into a single card index for the separate clients is supported.

They also manage marketing campaigns. Zeron V/4 supports marketing campaigns over the phone, through sms, email, by letters, as well as other types of campaigns set by the BPM sub-system. Integrated marketing projects are supported that incorporate several types of communication channels, organization of marketing events, budget of the campaign, responsible employees, deadlines, etc.

Management of the time spent on the events is kept in order that the client pays for this time or in order to optimize the number of employees necessary for the performance of the tasks.

Key processes which Zeron V/4 CRM covers are:

-          Automation of sales. Management of the sales process from the planning and "wooing" of the potential client, through the orders, to the suspension of the relations with them

-          Automation of marketing. Management of marketing campaigns, segmentation and generation of potential clients, rating of the best clients

-          Automation of the post-sales customer service. Consultations, technical support, processing of queries and problems

-          Monitoring and statistics. Behavior, visits and business results analysis

The information exchange between these functional processes takes place quickly and easily, it facilitates team work, stimulates sales and increases the service quality.

Software products of the CRM type are widely marketed today since the companies need such software. Practice and various large-scale studies, however, suggest that most CRM systems purchased by the companies remain unused. Why is that so? There are several reasons. The first is that in most cases these softwares are separate from the main system with which employees and dealers work and they find that difficult. The second reason is that often these systems are pointlessly complex and dealers, instead of being facilitated in their contacts with the clients, remain hampered by the unnecessarily complex work with the CRM software and start not using it. The third reason is that there is no connection between the actions carried out in the software for managing customer relations and the main ERP system, which leads to poor feedback to management and this further reduces the use of the CRM systems.

In Zeron V/4 we have tried to avoid these problems. Firstly, the CRM part of our software is not separate but is integrated in the main system. Secondly, instead of a separate CRM module, Zeron V / 4 has CRM tasks that can be embedded in the business processes together with any other tasks and so CRM and ERP functionalities smoothly blend into one another. Also, the interface for working with the CRM tasks in Zeron V/4 is simplified as much as possible.

  • Trade
  • Distribution
  • Retail
  • Subscriptions and billing
  • Manufacturing
  • Service
  • Planning and forecasting
  • Transport management
  • Project management
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Labor and Remuneration
  • BI
  • Management of external files
  • Document flow management
  • Business analysis references
  • Insurance broker
  • Services
  • Holding management
  • Integration with external systems
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