Zeron V / 4 offers all the necessary tools to manage distribution

company policies in the field of distribution

Through the Business Process Management system (BPM) you can organize all sorts of versions of distribution channels and company policies in the field of distribution. And through the Zeron Mobile solution your dealers and drivers can enter the necessary information and make their necessary references as they go.

                There are a lot of different types of company policies in the field of distribution. Your clients order your products online and after that you deliver them to their address? Your dealers go to your clients, collect their orders and then your drivers deliver the ordered products? Your distribution is organized in accordance with the "ex van" model whereas your dealers sell your products directly from their trucks? You work with retail chains and receive orders through EDI? You distribute your goods through external courier companies? You have your specific model of distribution? Zeron V/4 will provide you with a powerful set of instruments for the information ensuring of your distribution regardless of what it is.

                Detailed options for organizing the distribution by trading teams, markets, territories, marketing campaigns and different other parameters are supported. In this respect, Zeron V/4 is one of the most flexible products on the market. The setting of sales targets or target budgets for all defined parameters of distribution and the following of their implementation is also supported.

                The sales order is usually the cornerstone of distribution. The sales order in Zeron V/4 can be introduced by various means. In addition to the standard manner, the sales orders can be received and entered automatically from your online shop or B2B portal and after their receipt the responsible employees are informed that a delivery is needed. Deliveries can arrive through EDI from retail chains or through text or MS Excel file in a form pre-agreed between you and your partners. Orders can be entered by your dealers at the site of the clients through a tablet or a smartphone using the solution "Zeron Mobile". Templates can be defined so that for the combinations of goods often ordered by the clients (for example upon first stock) or upon new order of a certain client, the data from their previous order or from their order made on this day of the previous week to load automatically. The options are a lot and they are often strictly individual for the specific company. We have the means to set them up in your way.

                Zeron V/4 also supports various models of pricing policies. Prices are supported by goods, groups of goods, according to a specific client or a group of clients, according to the warehouse of the sale, according to the quantities or the total values of the transaction, according to the type of the distribution channel and many more options.

                Through our solution for transport management you can manage the individual transport assignments related to the distribution in the smallest details, and subsequently make references about which of your vehicles transported what goods, what the value of the transported foods was by the different transport destination and other references which are used to additionally measure the price efficiency of your distribution.

                Collecting payments in cash at the site of the client is also supported, as are supported various policies in the field of credit limits and special distribution conditions that vary according t the various payment methods.

                Through the solution "Client Relations" (CRM), you can also add to your distribution marketing campaigns, various types of pre-sales relations such as "wooing" new clients, etc.

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