Holding management

The management of a holding group of companies is a challenge for any ERP system


The management of a holding group of companies is a challenge for any ERP system. But it is very important for organizations, so that they are able to work synchronously and efficiently. In Zeron V/4, we did our best for users to have the necessary set of management tools for holding structures. The tools are in three main directions: Holding nomenclatures, Holding business processes and Holding references.

The first important action in Zeron V/4 is to set up databases of various entities to work in a holding structure. Each company may at any time be connected to a holding, be separated as a standalone company, or connect to another holding structure.

Holding nomenclatures allow all or part of the items, counterparties, accounts and other nomenclatures to be synchronized (unified) among the companies in the holding group. Synchronization occurs in real time.

Holding business processes allow the tasks of a business process in a company at a certain stage to find its continuation in a business process of another company within the holding. The business process management system of Zeron V/4 gives unbelievable flexibility of this solution. Connection of business processes can occur at any stage. For example, a delivery order in a company can be transformed into a sell order in another company. Then, when the delivery order in the second company becomes an expedition, that immediately can be reflected in a delivery in the first company. The same applies to invoices and many other tasks in the business processes of Zeron V/4.

Holding references make it possible to make references with the data of all or specifically selected companies in the holding structure. Choice of data of the specific companies to be included in holding references is dynamic, i.e. it is possible for the user to load consolidated data of the freely selected companies within seconds.

Zeron V/4 also supports holding planning. This tool makes it possible to prepare commercial and accounting and financial budgets simultaneously for all companies in the holding, as well as to make supply planning simultaneously for all companies in the holding structure.

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