The manufacture in the modern conditions has no chance without being secured with a good ERP system

integration of people and machines

The requirements in the modern high tech world are imposing ever-greater integration between people and machines to achieve high tech and cost effective production. Zeron V/4 offers everything necessary for a production to meet its current needs.

                Different types of items, such as products and semifinished products materials, are supported. The establishment of a structure of the products (the materials of which a product is manufactured) is supported on unlimited number of nesting levels. Alternative versions of the structure for a product are supported. Product configuration is supported both in advance and only by a specific order by a client. The product configurator enables to determine quickly and flexibly the necessary materials, to trace where and what quantities are available, to choose alternative materials by certain criteria or to order the missing materials, as well as to determine the sales prices of the product according to its formed production cost.

Both the production in a single operation, when at one point all materials are discharged and the ready product is entered, and the production by routes, when materials are discharged in stages in accordance with a predefined production plan (routing) are supported. Definition of a number of different types of routes for the various manufacture processes is supported. For the production performance by routes, an interface is supported for easy navigation through the stages of the production routes after each production order.

Both serial and custom production is supported, when individually planned materials are set out for each production order and an individual plan is drawn up for each specific production order and a specific sales price is formed.

Manufacture by decomposition is supported besides the manufacture by incorporation, during which the product is discharged from the warehouse and the materials received from the decomposition are entered. The manufacture by decomposition can also be carried out in one operation or in stages (routes), when the materials received are entered in the warehouse in stages over time.

Toll manufacturing is also supported (when another company manufactures as a result of your order and using your materials). Monitoring of the transferred materials to the external manufacturing company is supported, as well as the interim and final reporting of the completed manufacture. Monitoring of what remains to be manufactured and the obligations of the external company manufacturing the materials that are not included. Automated invoices are supported for toll manufacturing when the goods manufactured by the external company is entered into your warehouse and only the value of the toll is automatically posted.

Zeron V/4's solution for project management supports the project manufacturing when the stages of each specific manufacturing order includes also the design of the product, the budgeting of materials, the collection of a work team, the reflection of the time spent by teams, etc.

The production wastage and the production rejects are tracked, as well as the production scrap received in the warehouse. Deviations from the norm of the materials included in the production are tracked.

Any quantitative dividers and characteristics of the products are supported such as lots, serial numbers, colors, sizes, etc.

Zeron V/4's solution for forecasting and planning and MRP system helps for the timely planning of the materials necessary for the manufacturing. The CRP system is used to automatically generate detailed production calendars by days and hours which the system forms in accordance with its manufacturing capacity and the available work centers. Besides that, with the Available-To-Promise and Capable-To-Promise systems, the manufacturing department automatically receives information about what needs to be manufactured according to clients' specific orders.

Monitoring of indirect costs is supported (administrative expenses, water, electricity, etc.). Indirect costs can be determined in advance according to the standard cost / variation principle, or at the moment of the actual entry of an indirect cost it is calculated into the production cost of the products manufactured in the past time it which related to.

The accounting of the production processes is fully automated and various models of automatic accounting are supported.

Powerful and various references for accounting and management of manufacturing processes are supported.

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  • Distribution
  • Retail
  • Subscriptions and billing
  • CRM
  • Service
  • Planning and forecasting
  • Transport management
  • Project management
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Labor and Remuneration
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  • Management of external files
  • Document flow management
  • Business analysis references
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  • Holding management
  • Integration with external systems
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