Planning and forecasting

As a high-class ERP system, Zeron V/4 offers various instruments for the forecasting of the sales and for planning of the provision with the necessary goods for trading and the necessary materials for the manufacturing

an advanced high-end system

All internationally famous concepts such as Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and Material Resources Planning (MRPII), Distribution Resourses Planning (DRP), Capacity Requirement Planning (CRP), Available-To-Promise and Capable-To-Promise are supported.


 All of these concepts may not be familiar to companies which have not yet had a real ERP system, but all these concepts contain in their basis clear and specific rules for automated management of provision and production powers management. They hold the accumulated global experience in planning.


Zeron V/4 supports Sales Forecasting. This means that every night the system server calculates in accordance with certain models which of the goods and products of the company will be sold for certain periods in future. This forecast is based on statistical models including the sales for past periods recalculated through seasonal indices and market trend and complying with future events such as promotions and shares.


The Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system takes information for the sales forecasts and calculates what goods and materials for manufacturing will be necessary, and it helps planning the provision. After the system completes its calculations each night and determines what goods and materials must be delivered, it automatically notifies the buyers determined for these items. In the morning, when they come to work, these user buyers see in their calendars what the system has calculated that must be delivered. Of course, buyers have the last word who can manually edit the system forecasts and take forward the respective supply processes.


Similarly, the Distribution Resources Planning (DRP) system takes data from the sales forecasts and what has been planned by the MRP but it distributes it in internal company distribution centers.


No matter what is planned for production, however, it is uncertain whether the company has the capacity to produce it. The Capacity Requirement Planning (CRP) system monitors how loaded the manufacturing facilities of the company are and when exactly can a certain product be manufactured. The system also generates detailed production calendars for each work center, the calendars being divided by exact times of implementation in addition to the division by days.


The Available-To-Promise and Capable-To-Promise system, on the other hand, take care of promising a delivery date to clients, after certain calculations, that is as close as possible to the actual one when clients order goods. These systems also makes sure, when a certain client orders certain goods and they are not available, to automatically notify the deliveries department that certain goods need to be delivered by order of a specific client. Similarly, the Manufacturing department is notified that they need to manufacture by order of a client. Once the ordered goods is manufactured, the dealer is informed that it can be shiped to them.

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