Retail is part of the sales in an ERP system but they have their special specific requirements for convenience and integration

convenience and integration

It is recommended that the software interface is as simple as possible and consistent with the modern hardware systems for retail with touch screens (working by touching with fingers). Due to this reason, a lot of companies use separate systems for retail but this is extremely inefficient. Zeron V/4 offers the advantages of a large-scale ERP system integrated with a professionally-made retail solution.

                The retail system of Zeron V/4 is built with a specialized friendly interface developed specifically for the needs of working with cash registers in shops and hypermarkets. This interface contains very few visual elements, the font of the texts is large and readable from afar, the button icons are large and visible. Everything is optimized for working on touch screens.

                Integration with the main ERP system is complete. The data between the cash registers and the server are exchanged in real time via internet and thus the changes in prices and discounts for promotions and special conditions are reflected immediately at the cash registers. Also, all sales at the cash registers are immediately reflected in the main data base of the company and take part in the planning of the deliveries. The management can monitor the turnover in the shops in real time.

All sorts of additional hardware devices related with the cash registers are supported as well: various types of bar code readers, magnetic card readers, connection with electronic scales and support of weight bar codes. Various types of cash devices and fiscal printers are supported. Invoices can be issued automatically and they can be printed directly through the fiscal printer.

Due to the complete integration with the main ERP system, the posting of the retail is entirely automated. The need of manual operations is reduced to a minimum, at the same time limiting the losses and thefts.

A powerful system of Zeron V/4 is supported for all types of references.

And a number of other functions; the retail system of Zeron V/4 is actually implemented both in individual shops and in large retail chains.

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