Transport management

Transport management is an important part of the activities of any larger company

transport is important

It is usually a bottleneck in the supply and sales because it is limited in capacity and it must be reckoned with. Transport activities should be planned carefully to be effective and to add as little increase as possible to the production cost of goods and products supplied and sold by the company. The transported goods must arrive on time where and when they are needed.

                Zeron V/4's Transport Management solution addresses these issues. The definition of types of packages and transport destinations is supported. Consignment notes are supported with their cargo, destinations and dates. The reporting of the specific loadings and unloadings during the transportation course is supported. Loadings and unloadings can also be entered via mobile devices through the "Zeron Mobile" solution.

                The index cards of the cars and the drivers related thereof are monitored through the "Car Park" solution.

                The capacities of the vehicles are monitored as well as their schedules in order to know which vehicle is free and when, when and for what it has been planned and whether it is effectively loaded. The values of the transported cargoes are monitored in order to seek better efficiency.

                Direct and return cargo transport is supported. Related transport courses for several transfers of the same cargo are supported. The monitoring of owned and/or rented vehicles carrying own or somebody else's cargoes is supported. Transport of cargo within destinations that are internal to the company is also monitored.

                Zeron V/4's business processes support logistic connections between the transport documents and other commercial documents such as delivery orders and sales orders, packing sheet and invoices. Any necessary printed forms such as Consignment Note, Loading Order, Waybills, etc. are generated. Automated charging of transport costs on the production cost of the transported goods is supported. Various references for the performed transport are supported.

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