Accounting and Finance

Zeron V/4 supports accounting management in accordance with all Bulgarian standards

accounting, in accordance with all Bulgarian standards

A freely definable chart of accounts with an unlimited number of subgroups, grouping levels and alphanumeric codes is supported. Both manual entry of accounting operations and various types of automated postings are supported. Debit/credit, correspondence, trial balances, ledgers, files of accounts, etc. are kept.

                Zeron V/4 has a solution for the management of fixed assets, their connections with the accounts, as well as the accrual of accounting and tax depreciation. Both linear and non-linear methods of depreciation are supported. Allocation of the assets to different departments and responsible person is supported. Assigning of the depreciation to different cost centers of the company is supported.

                Zeron V/4's business processes support various tasks in the business processes that automatically create the accounting records based on other commercial, manufacturing, service and payment tasks. Templates are supported of frequently manually entered accounting operations, as well as models of accelerated manual entry of operations in which the user only enters a part of the information, for example the amount including VAT, and the system posts the full record according to a certain model. When there is a certain access rights, correction of input records is supported.

                Zeron V/4 keeps all legally required VAT registers. The VAT journals, declarations and files are created completely automatically and allow manual corrections of the data created in the registers. Automated creation of Intrastat arrivals and dispatches as well as the necessary files is supported. Exchange rate differences and monthly revaluation of foreign currency balances are accrued automatically. The business processes can be adjusted so that after certain accounting operations the account balances are automatically closed/applied as intended.

                Zeron V/4 also supports various financial instruments such analyses of the overall financial indicators, cash flow indicators, cuts in various sections of the receivables and liabilities, setting credit limits and automatic generation of credit ratings of the clients, allocation of revenues and expenses by internal company cost centers, etc. It also supports the creation and monitoring of the implementation of various financial budgets.

                Zeron V/4 has a special system to define the annual financial statements. They can be Balance, Statement of Profit and Loss, Cash Flow, various types of statistical references and internal company statements. An option is maintained whereas the certain reference is generated in Zeron V/4, and then its data are automatically spread in certain cells of a template that is previously created and graphically arranged by the user in MS Excel.

Zeron V/4 is a large-scale ERP system that is a competition not ony to Bulgarian but to international ERP systems. Bulgarian systems support accounting in accordance with the Bulgarian standards, but a very small part of them can compete with the major capacities of Zeron V/4. Most international systems have extensive capacity but they do not support accounting in accordance with the Bulgarian standards, no correspondence is maintained between the accounts and ledgers, even some of them have no debit and credit. To the accounting departments of its clients Zeron V/4 will offer at the same time both large-scale functions comparable with these of the internationally recognized ERP systems and full-featured accounting in accordance with the Bulgarian standards.

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