Subscriptions and billing

The information servicing of professional services is essential for their qualitative performance

Compatible and convenient

Not every business management software is suitable for the Professional services, since they often have no direct material expression, there are no stocks or necessary materials. Other services only accompany the commercial, transport, manufacturing and service operations. Whatever services you may perform, Zeron V/4 can offer you an information solution.

                Zeron V/4 supports items of the service type through which you can define a card index of the professional services performed and offered by you. These services may also have units of measurements or time. Various price lists of the performed services are also supported. In addition to sales, data can also be entered about the delivered services, and their value can be automatically distributed by the system on the value of the supplied goods which has been accompanied by a given service (transport, insurances, loading and unloading, etc.).

                Very often services are offered on a subscription basis and are regularly invoiced to the clients. Zeron V/4 supports items of the subscription type, which can also be arranged into a card index and various price lists can be set for them, but the time for which they have been invoiced is also monitored. Upon expiry of the period for which a subscription has been invoiced, Zeron V/4 will automatically notify the responsible employees that they must invoice certain subscription services of certain clients for certain periods of time. Also, through the decision for management of the client relations, these subscription invoices can be automatically sent out to clients or the clients can be notified in advance in writing through email, sms or letters that the validity of services for which they have subscribed is expiring.

                A card index is supported with concluded contracts for subscription services. For each contract, detailed information is kept about who the client is, the type of services, the validity period and the agreed prices. These contracts can be automatically generated in the processes of sales to new clients.

                In the business processes for servicing or technical support, tasks can be set which automatically check and signal whether the services client has a valid subscription. Tasks in the business processes in which the spent time and what is paid and what is not are also supported. Calendars of the employees performing services in which automatically enter tasks on the performance of the services are also supported.

                We have experience and specific clients in a variety of business areas with professional services such as Accounting houses, Law firms, Condominium maintenance, Cleaning, Landscaping, security companies, Encashment, Physical security, Civil vaults, Cable operators, Insurance brokers, Software companies and many others.

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  • Planning and forecasting
  • Transport management
  • Project management
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  • Labor and Remuneration
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  • Integration with external systems
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