The effective management of the service activity is an important part of any company that sells equipment

effective activity equals profitable activity

The quick and effective client service is important for their satisfaction by the products of the company and increases their loyalty. Zeron V/4 supports the full range of instruments for information ensuring of servicing.

Offer for servicing, Order for a service station, Requesting materials for a service station, Service order, Performed servicing, Discharge from a service shop, etc. are supported. Warranty and after warranty service is supported. Deadlines are set for performing the servicing; these deadlines are followed and the responsible persons are automatically notified about the necessary actions. The time spent by the service technicians is reported. A card index of types of service operations specific to the company is supported. Various templates for the operations generally performed in the service shop an be defined. The rapidity of the orders for a service station is tracked (standard, fast, express as well as ones determined by the user). Periodic prophylactic servicing is performed.

            Detailed card index is supported for the equipment located at the clients' sites but supported at the company's service shop. The information in this card index can be automatically completed by Zeron V/4 upon sale of equipment to a client, but equipment that the client has purchased form another place and it will be serviced in the company's service shop can also be added manually in it. The information from this card index can be used for automatic notifying of the clients when a need of periodic maintenance of their equipment arises, as well as for various marketing campaigns by Zeron V/4's solution for client relations management.

The solution for Forecasting and planning can be used to calculate the parts needed for the servicing and those which are not available and must be requested for supply are displayed for the respective responsible users.

Tracking of the movement of defective components is supported. Acceptance of defective components, return of a component to a supplier and acceptance of a component by a supplier.

Completion of any necessary forms for servicing is supported. The system has also various references for the activity in the service shop, and it supports a powerful subsystem for defining new references in accordance with the individual needs of the various service shops.

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