Document flow management

Most companies look for ways to automate their document flow

convenience through integration

In every major company, internal documents are constantly filled in with certain standard forms, offers with individual texts are created for each transaction, contracts are signed with specific parameters, and many others. The solution "Document Flow Management" of Zeron V/4 addresses these problems by providing integrated, easy to use management system for forms, which solves the problems of creation, classification, archiving and search of protocols, offers, contracts, etc.

Zeron V/4 has a built-in full-featured text editor (similar to MS Word). With it, you can create a wide variety of corporate documents such as contracts, outgoing letters, offers, service documents, technical descriptions, emails, etc. The text editor supports all fonts, tables, pictures, etc. To use the solution for management of forms, it IS NOT necessary to install MS Word or another word processing program, Zeron V/4 is sufficient.

The central place in the solution for document flow management is taken by the library with corporate forms. There, you can create text templates for the forms, contracts, outgoing letters, outgoing emails, etc. used in the company Then, through the system for business process management (BPM), the road a document in your organization takes is built, or where a particular text document appears to be a step in your daily processes. For example, you can create a form of a contract for sale and put it as a task "Filling a contract" in the business process "Domestic sales". If we assume, for example, that you have set the process for domestic sale to first issue an offer, and then, if there will be a sell order for this offer, to have to sign a contract before the order. Then, upon reaching the stage of the order, the system will automatically open the form of the contract from the corporate library, it will itself fill in the data fields of the counterparty, the contract value or other data set on Autofill . You will be able to make or not to make additional changes to the specific contract depending on your access rights. It is important to note that Zeron V/4, by the BPM system, can be set up so that, in this example, the offer to be issued by a dealer, then the contract form for filling to be automatically transferred to the legal department of your company and once it is completed, the system to automatically return the process to the dealer to issue the sell order. After completing work with the form, the system will keep a complete history of entered forms, each to its corresponding transaction.

Zeron V/4 also supports options to fill in forms, as after loading the form from the corporate library, the user is given the opportunity to fill in only the preset fields, without being able to freely change the rest of the text. Correction of the entered forms with saving their previous versions is also supported. Setting a series of actions related to the processing of the document by several consecutive users is supported, as well as approval of the final version of a superior user. A system for centralized numbering of forms with detailed information for each number is supported.

Free search of a selected phrase in contracts, offers, forms, service orders, emails and any other documents entered in the system is supported. At any time (as long as you have the appropriate access rights), you can export the entered forms to Word, Excel, Pdf, Html, Text, etc.

Unlike other similar systems, in Zeron V/4, document flow management is fully integrated together with the standard operation of business processes. Thus, instead of having to buy an external system, with a separate training and support, you use standard features of your core software for comprehensive business management.

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  • Transport management
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